Sunday, August 2, 2009

Woah Mom!

Since Porter was gone all day today we decided to tackle an outdoor project and surprise Porter with a new sandbox. We sold our little turtle sandbox in the garage sale at the beginning of the summer and quite frankly, in this house of boys there is an insane need for dirt and sand.

While Ryan was building the frame for the sand box I went and picked up a yard (aka... shitload!) of sand from the landscape place. We shoveled it all in and voila!

When we got home tonight we had told Porter we had a surprise in the yard for him but he had to find it. Once he spotted the sandbox he slowly walked towards it and then began skipping over to it.

I heard him say "WOAH! WOW! Mom, can you even believe this? Where did this come from!"

He loves it. Hudson loves it. There were tantrums as we tried to bring Hudson in for a bath. I think they'll be very occupied in the coming weeks....


  1. Wow...Lia said, "whoa, everyone can fit in that." Lucky boys!

  2. that's awesome! boys do need dirt - that's for sure. we're doing some yard work right now (pouring a new patio slab, new gardens) and about to build tucker a new sandbox - the kid is in heaven with all the DIRT around. :)

  3. they are going to love it! What a great surprise.