Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Lambs

I am so proud of Porter today... his first day of preschool. I am so thankful I had the chance to take him and to see how he reacted to going. He was so confident, which kind of surprised me. I thought I was going to be more emotional about today but I think I was just so happy that he was excited that I had no need to feel sad or emotional. Now kindergarten... that might be another story LOL!

We got to Little Lambs early so we took a few pictures. Porter and Lukas checked out eachothers bags and eachothers hairos. Too flippin cute.

The held hands walking into school... uhm adorable!!

They are like two peas in a pod... which I think helps with their confidence in this new situation. They were giggly and excited as we waited in the hall for Miss Angie to come get them.

We were told we could leave from the hallway or we could walk down to class with them... we hadn't even made up our minds and Porter had sped ahead of Miss Angie and was leading the way to the class. He was ready! We watched them all walk to class and then decided to peek in and see their reaction to their classroom. They were sitting quietly and attentively on the carpet.... with their backpacks still on HAHA!


  1. How cute! Little Lambs brings back such great memories... Emily attended pre-school there when she was little (15 1/2 now)

  2. Oh my gosh how precious!!!
    Everyone Tiegan's age is going to preschool this year.. *sigh*... but I think w/ her 2 dance classes it would be too much. Anyway - so glad he was excited, I bet that made the departure much easier for you :)

  3. SO CUTE! He looks so proud of himself. Love it.

  4. So glad it went well and he was excited to go. Such a big boy! Tell him Aunt Lori is very proud of him!!

  5. Loved the photos and story! It seems like yesterday that I was taking my two girls to their first day of preschool, and now Elizabeth is in grad school and Rachel is a high school senior. It goes by way too fast! Enjoy! I am happy that Porter liked it!