Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sunday

  • Spent the morning just hanging out with the boys.
  • Ate homemade banana nut bread for breakfast
  • Relaxed in our jammies
  • Played train tracks

  • Porter went to Dearborn with Dave to watch Shae and Lia's soccer games
  • Scrubbed the front of the house.... it had some mold spots
  • Swept the pine needles off the driveway.
  • The driveway is again covered in pine needles as of 8pm tonight
  • Ryan broomed cobwebs off the house
  • Browsed the yard with Hudson, inspecting flowers and dandelions and leaves
  • Started working on my 3rd Blurb Book: Silver Lake 2008
  • Made homemade finger paint.... you must try it. (the "Original" recipe). Super easy recipe. Tip: You'll start to think that all you're stirring is what looks like milk and then BAM all of a sudden its finger paint. Serious.

It was an awesomely relaxing Sunday with gorgeous weather. I am sad to see the weekend over already.