Monday, October 5, 2009


I've been back to work for a month... why does it feel like I'm still in this weird limbo of not being able to balance everything on my plate?

I have had a huge rush of photography clients. I can't complain, but I feel bad that I've turned down about 5 new clients this week. I just can't keep up.

And scrapbooking... I'm so behind on that.

Editing pictures... don't get me started. I have 3 sessions due this week, 4 more due next week and a couple more coming up.

Editing my own pictures. What's that?

I'm feeling uber guilty for not printing any of my pictures. I have to keep telling myself that I have the photos on disc and on my computer and they have been TAKEN and that is what counts. I can print and organize them later.

Bills. Oops. So behind on this.

Porter still doesn't have a winter coat and it's been chilly. Luckily his last years one still somewhat fits.

Blog. I really feel like I've forgotten how to blog. I think its mostly because I don't have time to get to the computer until late and by that time I have a boat load of stuff to do and not enough time to just type out my thoughts.

I feel like my day goes as such:
Wake up, rush to get ready, get kids up (or let them out of their rooms), get dressed, pack lunches, rush out the door (late). Work. Get out of work, pick kids up, run errands(if needed), get home, occupy kids (either let them play outside or watch tv), make dinner, clean up dinner, get kids in bath, get kids in bed and by this time its at least 8pm and I haven't even started on any cleaning around the house, working on photography stuff etc.

UGH. Its ridiculous. Can't I buy a few extra hours in my day? I can see why a lot of working moms have house cleaners. I need one. And while I'm at it how about a cook and an au pair as well?


  1. Ditto to your whole post. I feel the exact same way. If you find the solution to balance it all, let me know. LOL! :o)

  2. Ditto here, too! I feel like I have been walking around in a sleep deprived state forever! I don't ever feel like doing anything.

    btw...LOVE the new color of the shutters.

  3. the house looks great.

    i feel like this ALL the time. and yes it's the reason i have a cleaning lady. $30 every two weeks to come home to a clean house is SO WORTH it.

    working out of the house is hard. i have no doubt that being a SAHM is just as difficult, but at least i could throw in a load of laundry or go to the grocery store, and not have to do it over the weekend or in those precious two hours or so i have after bedtime.