Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween and Big Boy Rooms

Porter had his preschool Halloween Party today. I'm subbing this week for Maureen as her father passed away Monday. Luckily, I was still able to take a half a day.... the principal got a sub for the sub HAHA!

Porter was so excited to have me take him and pick him up from school. Last week when I was sick and had taken him to school and told him I'd pick him up, I wasn't able to make it back to pick him up. My doctor's appointment took forever and LeeAnn ended up getting him for me. He started to cry when he saw I wasn't there to pick him up. Broke my heart. So... today he was super excited.

It was interesting to see all the kids in his class. Most of the kids seem pretty good. There are 2 little girls and 6 boys. Yeouch. One of the little boys I believe belongs at the Lyle Torrent. He is obviously socially immature and exhibits some EI or CI behaviors. He was fixated on poor Lukas' Spiderman costume and was in his face for most of the party despite frequent scoldings from both the teachers and his ineffective father. I was about to lose it just watching him for the half hour we were there.

Anyhow, the rest of the kids seemed great. I got to talk with Miss Angie about Porter to see how he was doing. She said he was doing good and that he's a very active little boy. Oooh boy. Although I will say I didn't see any difference in his behavior and the other kids'. They were all quite active... they're 3! She did say they were having some sharing struggles with the kids but it wasn't just Porter... that it was normal for this age and most of the kids had troubles with sharing at some point so far. As we were discussing this, two little boys started fighting over a dump truck. LOL! Perfect timing HAHA!

Porter looked super cute in his costume. I'm not posting pictures until Friday when we all have our costumes on. I can't wait to share our "theme". Those of you who know.... don't bust us out!

On another note... I've been pondering ideas for Hudson's "big boy" room... which won't be started until probably next summer or possibly fall... but I am excited to decorate it and have something new to do! I've decided to stay with the same color scheme.... Navy, light blue, lime green, chocolate brown and white and a few touches of hunter green and country blue. I bought fabric and am going to attempt to make a quilt for his bed. I found some quilts with wide stripes across it in different fabrics but nothing in the colors I wanted. So, I figured I could sew wide slabs of fabric together easy enough.

I'm not sure about the "theme" of his room. Porter's room has kind of an airplane theme... I guess you could say. (airplane mobile, 2 canvases I painted and a metal airplane sign). I was thinking of doing Hudson's room in a Nautical theme and getting him this sailboat mobile and probably do a painting or something. Although I love the paintings I have in his room, they're kind of babyish and I don't know that I'll keep them up after we move him to a big boy room.

I've also thought about maybe doing a Solar System theme for his room.... Pottery Barn had a cute solar system mobile (which is now on ebay), and I love this canvas (which I could attempt to recreate on my own).

What do you think... Nautical theme or Solar System theme?


  1. I'm excited to see your costumes! As for Hudson's room...I personally like the solar system theme. It would be super cute!

  2. Out of the 2 mobiles, I think I like the solar system one better. Plus, you'd have lots of colors to play with.

  3. ill be sure to hold off on posting our preschool pics until you post your theme. :)

    I think I like the solar system theme best. I love all the colors you could pull from it and include the colors that you would be wanting to use. With nautical... i tend to think red white and blues.

  4. I like the solar system theme, that would be so cool and you can do so much with it. That's great that Porter is doing good in school and it has to make you feel good that they are all "very active". Can you imagine being the teacher?