Monday, October 26, 2009

A revelation

Amazingly, I left for work EARLY today... 7:30am! I'm subbing for Mo all week while she is in Florida with her very ill father. So, I HAVE to at least be on time this week. I got up at 6am and was ready before the boys even got up. It was awesome. I'm definitely making myself do this every morning.

On our way to the sitters, Porter suddenly had to go potty. I mean GO. Like, #2. Knowing how he GOES, I knew I'd better distract him or I'd have a big mess. So I'm talking about all the things along the way, the road we were on, the Halloween decorations, the buildings we passed.

We went by Parkside Middle School and I said "Did you know I used to teach at that school? That is Parkside."

And Porter says, in amazement.... 'You're a teacher?!"

HAHAHA! What the heck has he thought I was this whole time? I laughed and told him Yes, I was a teacher.

He was still stunned. He says "Is dad a teacher too?!"

HAHAHA! So then of course I had to explain that everyone has different jobs, some people are teachers like mommy (or photographers too), or computer programmers like daddy, or doctors, or house cleaners or barbers or police men or cooks or lawn mowers. He is so funny.

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  1. Oh I forgot to tell you on the way home, Porter tells me, "You know what? My dad is a worker on computers. And my mom is a teacher." LOL! So funny that he wanted to share this revelation with me. :)