Monday, November 30, 2009


Tonight at JoAnn's I let the boys each get a new book (as if we need anymore books...). Their books are $3 and well, so what. Porter picked out a book about the horse's life cycle.

So far I've skipped the first few pages because, well, I don't want to have to explain to my 3 year old what "mating" and "in season" and "uterus" is.... EEEk. We've just skipped over to the fact that "VOILA! The baby horse has been born!"

As I was clipping his nails before bed we had the following conversation:

P: "Is Lia and Shae and Brenna girls?"

N: "Yes, they are"

P: "Is their daddy Uncle Don a boy?"

N: "Yes, daddies are boys."

P: "And mommies are girls, right?"

N: "Yes"

P: "Why do I have a baby brother?"

N: "Because that's what God chose for us to have. He decided Hudson was the perfect little baby for us."

P: "And Hudson was in your belly?"

N: "Yes, he was."

P: "How did he get in there?"


N: "How do you think he got in there?" (Good save!!)

P: (ponders this for a minute) "God put him in there. He put him in your mouth and you swallowed him down into your belly."

Ok... that works.

P: "Did Hudson grow in your boobs?"

N: sure seemed like it.... "No, he was in my belly."

P: "Did I grow in this boob and Hudson grew in this boob?" (pointing to each boob accordingly)

N: "No, you just grew in my belly. "

Well... that was an interesting conversation! HAHAHAA!


  1. You know Nicole... You might want to consider that maybe you DID have each baby in one of your boobs. LOL! It prolly wouldn't have been a longshot! LOL! Love ya!

  2. Hahaha! Love it, where do they come up with these questions?? Hey, you did better than I according to Don, I told Donnie a little to much info. in his opinion....oh, well, I'm still trying to figure this out too! :)

  3. OMG!!! Priceless!!

    We tried telling Tiegan the truth, but she misunderstood and still thinks Sofia came out my China. HAHAHA.

  4. Patrick and I are cracking up over here. I think now that he's met the little man he will appreciate more when I am cracking up and say hey read this! Hilarious.