Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boys Boys Boys

I'm deflated to hear that this poop-butt-bootie talk likely won't go away completely. What the hell! All I have to say is.... God help me if I ever have a 3rd boy because I will be on the next plane to Fiji. Solo.

Speaking of 3rd boys... err... babies... I can totally tell its been my allotted amount of time after childbirth that I begin to lust after another child. In the past few days I've had a couple flashes of The Fever.... Baby Fever...

But then I spend 3.6 minutes with my two BOYS and I realize I'm bat shit crazy to even contemplate wanting another. I can barely stand the two I have right now. Which, to me, is sad. They're awesome little guys but the DRIVE. ME. WILD.

I spend all day at work wishing I was home with them but within a half hour of being home I'm counting down the minutes to bedtime and wishing I hadn't been wishing the work day away. Makes me sad. I hope its just a phase and that they'll become more likable to be around. Its probably a mixture of me being stressed out lately, Porter being in this absolutely obnoxious stage and Hudson being confused that he's a grunting, whining Caveman. Add to that the fact that they both adore pushing each others buttons and getting pissed at each other and it makes for a fabulous evening.

It makes me chuckle, though, because it was this EXACT age that Porter was when I did a 180 and went from "Hell to the no I don't want more kids right now" to "Dude, let's have another baby!" What is it about 18 months old?

Only, this time I'm keeping that emergency brake on and well, seeing that conceiving another child requires a doctor's appointment, I can assure you Barczak #5 will not be joining our family anytime in the near future. Whew!


  1. LOL! I can always send one of my munchkins your way for a test run anytime. I'd be happy to! LOL! Totally kidding, of course but I totally feel for ya.

  2. Baby fever has a way of creeping in when you don't really want it to, doesn't it? Funny how that happens...

  3. I'm having some baby fever too, except my "baby" is almost 3. And I'm deathly afraid it will be another boy!