Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Porter and I are flying out to visit my mom in about 2 weeks. He is super excited and asks every day if we're going to the beach. And then he gets ticked at me. Time to make a calendar!

I'm hoping that he'll feel special taking a "Mommy and Porter" trip... a little one on one will be nice with him. I'm actually really excited about traveling with him! Compared to the 2 boys together, traveling with Porter actually seems like something to look forward to... a walk in the park, you might say. He's pretty darn fun to be around when its just Porter.

15 more days!


  1. Funny... Sawyer and I are leaving in exactly two weeks to visit family too! I'm really looking forward to the traveling with just one low maintenance kid as well!

    Have a great visit!

  2. I LOVE my mommy daughter trips with maeve! One of my biggest fears is that once the baby is here we just won't be able to travel as much. Have fun!!!