Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Want and Do Without

5 Things I Want:
  1. A money tree
  2. To remodel the kitchen/dining room in January.... granite counter tops, a cabinet island with bar stools, new wood floors in both rooms....
  3. Some Ugg boots.... for reals. Although I'm thinking I might just go for fakes... for reals.
  4. To fit back into my pre-Hudson jeans SOON.
  5. A baby girl.

5 Things I Could Do Without:
  1. My kids whining and picking on each other
  2. This earlier sunset thing... ugh.
  3. Having to pay student loans
  4. Laundry (the washing, folding and putting away part.... I do like my clothes)
  5. The neighbors dog always coming into our yard.


  1. Did YOU just say you were going to get UGGS????? Nic, I am shocked!!!! hahhahaa.

    Let me know if you find a money tree. We could use one, too.

  2. I could do without these early sunsets too!! Makes me wanna go to bed at 7pm!

  3. The fake Uggs at Target get pretty good reviews. I am considering a fake pair myself. The trend may be on the way out, so why bother shelling out the big bucks for real ones? Plus for me, I don't buy leather so the real ones aren't for me anyway...