Sunday, December 6, 2009


Porter has been amazing me with his imagination lately.

His DS: He plays with his "DS" all the time. Well, its what HE calls a "DS". Actually, its an old calculator HAHA! He carries it around all the time and will sit and press buttons "playing" his "DS". Cracks me up.

Canon LS-85H Portable Display Calculator

Fire! In our basement we have a Little Tikes Playhouse that is near a support pole. Porter likes to climb up on the roof with his play tools and "fix the roof." The other day he started sliding down the support pole in the basement and pretending he was a fireman sliding down a fireman pole.

Hold the elevator! One night I found a whole bunch of stuff crammed in Porter's closet. I asked what he was doing and he said "Oh, its just in my elevator. I have to go in my elevator and go up and down." He totally has been using his closet like an elevator... I guess the doors kind of resemble one?


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  2. I am always love to get little tikes playhouse playing around to get the best from my kids.