Friday, December 11, 2009

Naptime Wonders

It amazes me what a different kid Porter is when he gets a nap. Without one he's wired... bouncing off the walls, overstimulated and out of control. Not necessarily tantrumy, but just hyper!!

The only problem is that its a pain to get him to take a nap. To actually get him to stay in his room, in his bed and go to sleep. Sometimes it seems easier to just let him stay up.

Usually I make him "rest" for at least an hour. Rest is a loose term for it... its more like him bouncing around upstairs, flittering from room to room getting into things he shouldn't.

Today he "rested" for about an hour and a half. Hudson finally woke up and I let Porter get up as well (without actually sleeping). Within a half hour he was just going nonstop... galloping from room to room, ricocheting off the furniture, being destructive and messing up the house. I was literally getting overstimulated just WATCHING him. My eyes and mind couldn't take it anymore.

I made him go back to bed even though it was 4pm. He ended up falling asleep until about 5:30 or 6 when I woke him up (so... its going to be a late night for him I'm sure). But now... WOW.... he is such a different kid. Calm. Courteous. Reasonable. Fun to be around. I am amazed.

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