Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Porter: (climbing onto the couch to watch cartoons this morning) "Mama, you want lay with me for two minutes?"

Me: "Of course! Then I have to go get ready for work."

(I sit next to him and grab the quilt to spread out over us.)

Porter: *big sigh* "That's greaaat. I love you, Mama."


I love this kids' words. (Love and hate because, well, he has quite the list of 4-letter No-No's). My mom sent Porter and Hudson Christmas cards and when Porter opened his this is what he said:


and the other night we were snuggling before bedtime and he asked me something (I can't remember what). And I answered him and he said "That's wonderful, Mama."

He always stresses those adjectives.... looooovely. wooooonderful. greaaaaat. I love it.


  1. Here is one to add for ya.. as we were getting out of the car this afternoon, I unbuckled Porter and he didnt realize it. He says, "Hey, who did this?!?!" and I told him that I did just now. He says, "Oh ok, so I can get down. That ROCKS!"