Sunday, December 6, 2009

Supper Club and Dirty Santa

Tonight was our 2nd monthly Supper Club. It was at our house and I was so excited to make it "Christmassy". I whipped together a table setting and decided we should do a "Dirty Santa" gift exchange (aka... White Elephant to some).

Dinner was delicious.... pot roast with potatoes and carrots, garlic bread and salad. Dessert was homemade cheesecake. Mmmmm!

Then... the fun part... (ok, the whole evening was fun... there's never a moment without laughs with this group!)... the gift exchange.

We had some hilarious gifts.... fruit cake, a breathalyzer, spam, 'the' Bump It, a reindeer tree face, and some miscellaneous household items. Definitely a riot!


  1. i totally want to do this with our group of friends - how do you decide with everyone's schedules? wowza! the gifts are hilarious. are you and jane wearing the bumpit's in that last shot? lol!

  2. Love that Jenny knew you guys were wearing the bumpit's. We had a great time last night. Thank you, again! :)

  3. That night was soo much fun! Im so glad that we are doing these! Great dinner and a great time at your house Nic! Love it and Love ya!!