Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Americas Most Dangerou Hobby

So last night I had lots of things on my to do list to work on. I wanted to sew a baby blanket, work on Hudsons quilt and make a trial superhero cape.

Unfortunately my night ended around 8pm when I lopped off the tip of my thumb with my rotary cutter.

This isn't the first time this same thumbtip has been hacked... A few years ago I hacked it off with a carpet knife while scrapbooking.

What can I say... I like the dangerous hobbies.

Just wait until LeeAnn and I start up woodworking this summer....

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  1. love the new header, haha.

    i cut off the tip of my index finger quilting a few weeks husband is still teasing me! those rotary cutters ARE dangerous :)

  2. I want to join your woodworking!! My mom and I want so many things build off knockoffwood's blog. OMG I'm putting Jeff to work! LOL

  3. I cut the side of my index finger off with a craft knife and a chunk of my thumb with one of those apple slicer tools. I am not good with sharp objects.

    You have inspired me to try and make a block quilt for G's big girl bed. I will be very careful with the rotary cutter.

  4. ooo! I feel your pain! I just sliced open my finger with a knife while cooking. I can hardly type with this stupid band aid;)

  5. ouchie momma! You don't even want to know how clumsy I am when it comes to sharp tools.

    I just ordered a sewing machine off of Amazon... should be here soon. I am dying to learn how to quilt and sew... I think I've been bitten by the craft bug or something.