Sunday, January 10, 2010

More to share!!!

Oh boy, I keep finding more and more blogs to read!

I found a few links I had to share, and also to link to so I can come back to them. (You should see my Bookmarks... uh... I so need to clean them out! Anything put in my Bookmarks basically gets lost!)

  • Family Rules Canvas.... I *love* this! I have got to sit down with Ryan and come up with some rules... and get to work on this fun little project!!

  • Job Chart: I've been thinking of chores/jobs/household responsibilities to give Porter. He's getting to the point where he likes to ask for toys and stuff at the store and I'd like to start letting him earn/save his own money to make those purchases. I really liked their Chore Charts and their Home Store Reward System. And also for older kids, the Checkbook Registers they keep for the kids. How neat and organized and responsible!

  • For older kids, I found this Online Job Chart really neat... you can set it up and customize it so that the rewards are to your choosing. And you get text alerts when they complete jobs and choose rewards. Neat!
Ok, I think that's all for now.

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