Sunday, March 28, 2010

Duncan │ 4 months

Oh yes I did... I'm doing a "doggy update"  HAHA!  

Duncan has been an AMAZING addition to our family.  By far he is the best puppy we've ever ever had.  EVER.  He is extremely calm, wonderfully gentle with the boys and a very quick learner.  I think we're going to stick to Goldendoodles from now on.  Awesome personality and the hair... I can't get over the hair!  It's a wreck!

Duncan recently went to the vet for a checkup... shots and rabies and deworming and flea control (ewww... he had fleas which gave him tapeworm... all of which were taken care of quick and easy).  He weighed 41lbs at 4 months old.  YIKES!  I asked the vet what he thought he'd weigh as an adult and he laughed.  He said "Goldendoodles are interesting.... some are 40lbs as adults... others are 90lbs."  And he kind of chuckled.  And I got the feeling we're looking at a 90lbs adult doodle.  

So, here is Duncan at 4 months old:
  • Knows sit
  • VERY calm with the boys... Porter can walk him on the leash and even bring him inside and Duncan will sit by the door while Porter unleashes him and wipes his paws off.  Not kidding.

    The other day Hudson was literally "wrestling" with Duncan on the floor.  Hudson was rolling around and Duncan was gently nudging him and playing.  Hudson would get up and run around yelling "Chasing!  Chasing!  Chasing!" and Duncan would trot after him, nudging him every so often.  It was so sweet.  I've never seen a puppy be so gentle.  
  • Loves LOVES LOVES to fetch... 
  • Knows "drop"
  • I'd say he's 90% housebroken... although he doesn't really know how to let us know he needs to go out
  • Walks very calmly on the leash, doesn't pull our jerk around
  • Very attached to us (me).  Always wants to be where we are.  He follows me around the house and will lay down wherever I stop to do something.
  • Thinks Ella and Rory are his play buddies.  They think otherwise.  
  • He is so calm about 80% of the time.  He has an active period in the evenings but we've just been trying to get him outside to play fetch or on a walk to calm him down. 
The ONLY ONLY ONLY complaint I could possibly have with him is he barks.  OH does the boy bark.  He's surely getting a bark collar VERY SOON. Many Doodle owners I've talked to have said their Doodles rarely bark, so we must have just gotten a barker.  I'll take it, though, because his good points far outweigh his barking.

I talked to the vet about his barking and he thinks it is anxiety that is causing him to bark and he thinks he'll outgrow it.  I hope so.  The only time he really barks incessantly is when he can't be near us... if we crate him while we eat dinner, if he's on his rope outside and we're out of reach of him, or if he wants to come inside.  Other than that, he's quiet as a mouse.  We are fencing the yard in when we get back from NC so I hope that will cure a majority of his barking.  We have two tie outs for him right now (one by the door and one in the middle of the yard) but our yard is large so we aren't always within reach of him when he's tied up.  



  1. He is so adorable! I have heard only great things about Goldendoodles :)

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  3. he sounds like the perfect fit for your family! yey! one thing my brother and other family members have done is taught their dogs to ring a bell (like ones at hotels ... a service bell) to let them know when they have to go out. they just set the bell by the door and the dog will hit it with his paw when he has to go out. it's the coolest little thing! :)

  4. He is just the cutest! That is so great that Duncan is fitting in so well with every! He sounds like a great family dog!

  5. He is seriously the cutest dog!!!! Travis and I have been talking about getting a dog as soon as we have a house and goldendoodles have always been a breed we have talked about getting. After seeing Duncan and hearing that he is such a good dog it makes us think that might be the right dog for us too!:)

  6. I stand by my initial comment about Duncan in that you have brought him to your family because of the cute. What a sweet and beautiful dog.

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  8. Love the doggie update... he really is precious and I do so love his name!