Monday, March 22, 2010

Hudson │22 Months

Hudson Hudson Hudson... where do I start?  This little guy just lights up my world... he's such a funny little character. He's a little sprite with a big attitude.  I love to imitate him because you'd think he was a big beefy tough guy the way he says some things... when in reality he's a little waif.  He says things with this deep, gruff voice.... cracks me up.

Here's what Hudson has been up to:

  • He knows a lot of his colors (red, green, yellow, brown).  Thank you Miss Marleen!
  • He can count to 10 with you (he has gotten up to 7 by himself, and if you alternate numbers he'll count with you.
  • Talks in 2-4 word sentences.... repeats EVERYTHING.  Lately he literally will repeat whatever you say. Conversations are a bit like this with Hudson (remember.... picture this with a gruff deep little boy voice HAHA!)

    Me: "Want to go outside?
    Hudson "Want go outside!"
    Me: "Let's go get your coat"
    Hudson "Go get coaaaaat!!!"

    Me: "Porter, what are you doing?"
    Hudson "Poe!!! What DOOOING?"

    Me: "Should we have a movie night tonight?"
    Hudson "Movie night tonight!!"

    Me "Duncan, drop it!"
    Hudson: "Dukkin! Drop. IT!"
    • He is really shy if he doesn't know someone.... he'll hide his eyes behind his hands.  If you talk to him, he give you this mean man face.... like serious brow furrowing and mad eyebrows.  
    • He loves to dance, color and paint
    • He still loves loves loves his Oma.  She watches the boys on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I always ask him the night before "Who's coming over tomorrow?"  And he gets a big grin on his face and says "Oma day tomorrow!!"


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