Friday, March 19, 2010

peace and quiet

Ahhhh... I'm sitting here in a comfy overstuffed chair looking out over the lake, enjoying the peace and quiet (aka... No screaming, crying or fighting).

Lori and I arrived last night around 9:30. Jane was the only other of us coming Thurs night but she was in Grand Rapids with a friend who was having a baby. (she got here around...2:30am I think?). Lori and I were amazed at the house... It is PERFECT for a scrapbook weekend. 5 bedrooms, an open kitchen/living/dining and a huge long table in the dining room. There is enough room, too, that we added a 6' folding table and 2 card tables to the end of the dining table so all 7 of us can scrap.

I accomplished 1 page last night. Sleep was wonderful... Amazing what no snoring and a full night without being woken up or having a 6am wake up call can do for a girl. I must have dreamt a million dreams and woke up so excited for the rest of the lades to arrive this morning.

This weekend is just what the doctor ordered. I so needed this to get away... to have a break from the boys, a break from the monotony of housework and to-do's and to reset and recharge and come back home refreshed and ready to be mommy again.

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