Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sunday I came home and was greeted by a grinning ear to ear 4 year old. He literally leapt into me arms and wrapped himself around me. Shortly after, Hudson woke from his nap and again I was greeted with an ear to ear grin.

The 4 of us spent the remaining afternoon and evening in the yard cleaning it up... Burning wood and sticks and leftover leaves. We even got motivated and ripped out ALL of the bushes along the side of the back yard. So, we are all ready for fencing (just need to get some $$!!).

Today was do relaxing... I made dinner while Ryan started a fire. We ate in the living room by the fire and watched Tarzan with the boys.

And then... The moment I've waited for so long for.... The boys actually spent nearly an hour in the playroom... playing together! Without fighting or whining or screaming! They were actually laughing together!! It was music to my ears and my heart about burst with happiness. I hope that maybe now that Hudson is getting a little older they will begin playing together more and more.

For now, though, I'll take the little victories when they come.

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  1. I don't think there is anything better then seeing children playing together nicely. So glad you had an awesome weekend!