Sunday, April 25, 2010

Deciphering 1st Graders

I love teaching writing to 1st graders.  They usually have very creative imaginations and I get a kick out of their phonemic spelling.  I found a paper in my office today that I had written down some interesting spellings from a writing I did with my 1st graders.  Can you decipher these?

1. xrsis
2. piyonirs
3. pecse ds
4. setu
5. choos
6. floieg negis
7. wisod
8. a tachin
9. wiv
10. anrg
11. cho

And a funny conversation:

"Your name is Nicole?"
"Yes, that is my first name.  What did you think it was?"
"Mrs. Barczak!" (duhhhhh)


  1. Having a first grader myself... I can totally relate..... :-)

  2. Oh, and....

    1. xrsis = exercise?
    2. piyonirs = pioneers?
    3. pecse ds = NO CLUE!!
    4. setu = HMM???
    5. choos = shoes?
    6. floieg negis = NO CLUE!
    7. wisod = wizard?
    8. a tachin = attaching?
    9. wiv = weave?
    10. anrg = anger?
    11. cho = show?

  3. Patrick and I are sitting here trying to figure these out too, they crack me up. I agree with Nicole on most of them-we were thinking #3 is maybe pixie dust, #5 could be choose or chose too... #6 flower necklace? Please tell us the answers later! :)