Friday, April 30, 2010


Today, and the past couple days, Duncan has been waking us up in the morning to let us know he has to go potty. I'm feeling hopeful that thus last part does just fall into place like that because we can't remember how to train a dog to tell you they need to go out. Duncan has the potty outside thing down but he never seems to let us know. Which results in a lot of accidents in the kitchen and by the back door.

We haw also noticed lately he seems to have a sensitive stomach. Since he's lived with us he rarely has normal "hard" poops. And if he eats leftovers or people food he gets an upset tummy/runs. I'm going to talk to the vet tomorrow to see if there could be any other issue because he just never seems to have soli poops. We switched the dogs offnof crappy store brand food and are feeding them Canidae All Life. I don't think it is the food because he was like this before we switched foods. Any ideas?

He still remains the sweetest puppy ever. The only thugs he's chewed were 2 of MY shoes. Greer... And he always seems to find my bras and carry them around the house. He has a stuffed animal fetish... He loooves to carry them around. He doesn't chew them, just mouths them.

He is weighing around 45lbs an is now taller than Ramsey. It's hard to remember that he's just a puppy... Just a 5 month old puppy! He does jump a little whe he is excited or company comes over but we are working with him on controlling that impulse. We also are teaching him "out" of the kitchen when we are eating. Hopefully soon he will follow Ramseys lead and retreat to te foyer during meals.

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  1. Our doodle had the most ridiculously sensitive stomach! The litest thing would would set his belly off. Vommitting and diarrhea. The entire time we had him it was off and on. I've heard that a lot with doodles.

    Good luck with the training :)

  2. I just realized that even your dog is a boy, you are so outnumbered!! Those pics with Porter are so stinkin cute.

  3. That is so funny he drags out your bras, lol!!

    Have you ever heard of bell training? It might be a good way for him to tell you when he needs to go out. I don't have the time right now to give you a link or anything, but I'm sure you could Google it. Basically, you have a bell by the door at "paw level." You start out by jingling it every time you let him out to go potty. Eventually, the dog is supposed to ring the bell himself when he needs to go out. I haven't tried it myself, but we know some people who have done it with their cockapoo and had success.