Monday, April 26, 2010

Sick as a dog

Oh my word I think I'm dying. It started out Saturday... a sore throat and drainy nose. Saturday night I got stuffy and my throat started to hurt. Sunday, same synptoms but getting worse. And I was super tired... No energy.

Today I am achy and losing my voice... My shoulders hurt. My chest hurts. My nose is stuffy. I'm weak and tired.

Ry took the boys this evening to run errands. I missed spending time with them but sooo needed a nap and rest. And then the girls were all meeting for dinner but I couldn't even think about going out and having a good time.

After Ry and the boys got home I was putting Porter in bed. I was waiting for him to put his pj's on an was sitting on his floor. I slumped over with my head in my hands and Porter came over and started rubbing my shoulders and back. He told me "You'll feel better in the morning, Mommy.". Such a sweet, caring little dude. I love him so much!

It's all I can do to lay here and blog from my phone. I'm hoping to get into the doctor in the morning. Crossing my fingers I'm feeling better soon!

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