Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hudsonisms │ 25 months

Hudson has been HILARIOUS lately. In the past couple weeks his language has literally exploded.  He's gone from his "robot" speak"  (I . No. Like.  Dat!) to speaking much more fluently.  He does still say some things choppy and broken (which is super cute still) but I've noticed him saying a lot of things very "grown up" sounding.  He also has a few words that he says wrong and its so cute.  
  • Basement= Spacebit.   
  • Popsicle=Poskickle  
  • Motorcycle=Mododee     
  • Batteries= Bratties
  • He adds "Too" to the end of everything.  "I have popskickle too"  "I ride too"  "Carry me too".  
  • Eating a popsicle:  "Momma, squeak it up peeese!"