Thursday, June 10, 2010

The other day I was reading Filth Wizardry and loved her idea for leftover wood blocks.  We just happened to have a few railroad ties we dug up from underneath the bushes we ripped out a few months ago.  I decided to chop them into chunks and make some building blocks!

The boys and I washed them and let them dry out.  While they dried, they made a trail and tried hopping to each of the blocks.

Today, Aubri came over to play and I decided we'd go ahead and paint them.  The kids had a blast and were so proud of their "art work"..  Porter kept telling me we were all artists and Hudson kept saying "Great job, Mama! Doing great job!"

While they napped, I took it a step further and slapped on a coat of polyurethane.  It dried during naptime and we now have some beautiful, colorful outdoor building blocks!

Today just seemed like such a true summer day.  The kids ran around the yard in their undies, dug in the dirt, played in the sprinkler, filled buckets with the hose, jumped in and out of the kiddie pool and had lunch on the picnic table.  They had dirt under their nails, dirt stained bottoms, scraped knees, sand in their hair and smiles on their faces.  

They napped like champs, too!  

Today... today was a GOOD day.  :)