Sunday, June 20, 2010

Silver Lake

this weekend is going GReAT so far. The weather has been amazingly perfect- mid 70's and silunny wtb a slight breeze. My kind of weather.

We didn't make it up here until about 6:30 yesterday so we basically set up camp and hung out here. Porter rode his bike all around the campground with Lia, Shae and Brenna. I love that he is getting to the age where he can have a little more freedom. He is trul at home when we camp- he is such an outdoors kid. I love seeing him so happy and enjoying every bit of the day.

This morning we got up and after we were all ready we went to the Mac Woods Dune Ride. We all really enjoyed the "tour" of the dunes. It's been about 8 years since Ry and I went on the MWDR.

Afterward, we had lunch, Hudson and Ry napped and Lori, Dave, Don and I took the older kids to the Campgrounds private beach on Silver Lake. The kids played while we relaxed (I even napped!). I ended up getting a bit burnt. Oops!

We returned to camp and had dinner- chicken and pork chops. The boys showered with Ryan and the we all headed to Lake Michigan and Little Sable Lighthouse to watch the sun set. The kids loooove the beach. And come on- Lake MichigAn beach is pretty amazing. Hudson ended up getting soaked in the water. They climbed rocks and chased aechither around until we saw the mad sliver of sunlight sink into the lake. Hudson was slightly disturbed by this and when he noticed the half moon out he said "I climbin' up in dare and I grab da moon!". He was so cute.

He kids are all zonked and I am praying the weatherman is wrong about the rain that is supposed to show up here for the next 3 days.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous time!! Glad it's going so well for all of you... and I hope the weather holds up!
    Makes me want to go camping so badly!!!
    Or the beach. I'd take either one!

  2. 這個時代,不缺乏感傷,但缺乏反思~~希望能多看到值得思考.................................................................