Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Snippets of Porter: 4 years 3 months

-Insists on wearing sweats and long sleeve shirts even though it is 85* outside

-Said "Mom! Look! I'm so proud of Hudson... he spelled his name!" When he saw 'hudson' in foam bath letters after Hudsons bath. I spelled Hudson's name, for the record. But Porter is proud so I'll let him think his little brother did it!

-Looks out for his friends. At his preschool picnic, Lukas got hurt by another little boy (it was an accident) and Porter went up to the other little boy and demanded "Why did you hurt my friend Lukas? What did you do?". Gotta give him credit for looking out for his buddy.

-Knows all sorts of facts about animals and dinosaurs that I had no idea about. He identified a Deinonocus (sp?) at the museum, will tell you all about palentologists, knows about carnivores and herbivores and omnivores... One day he was talking about triceratops and I asked what they look like (or something to that extent) and he went on to tell me they have a bony crest on their head to protect them from predtors. He will tell you all about nocturnal animals, predators and prey... He's a walking bag of information, I tell ya!

-Loves to help us around the house.  His favorite chore is the dust buster right now.  He also has been responsible for cleaning his room before bed and attempting to make his bed.  He loves to help water the flowers/landscaping and to mow the lawn with us.  We often find him in the garage on the riding lawn mower pretending to mow.  When we do house projects, he loves to hammer and nail. This past Saturday, during our dining room makeover, I nailed some nails part way into a board and let him hammer on them for awhile.  He also got out the shop vac and vaccuumed up all the sawdust from the saw.  Such a good helper!


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  1. Oh I didnt know that he said that to him! LMAO!! Thats too cute. They are great buds. :)