Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2 Wheeler

On Monday, I talked Porter into trying his bike without training wheels.  After going to Silver Lake, Porter has been talking non-stop about riding a dirt bike.  Ryan actually found a kids one for sale for $100 but told Porter he would need to be able to ride without training wheels before being able to ride a dirt bike.  I think that was incentive enough.

I took off his training wheels and lowered his seat so he could practice coasting along and still be able to put his feet down if he felt off balance.  He caught on quickly and after about 5 attempts he was off and pedaling.  This is, of course, after many curse words ("You d@mn bike!!!" and a ton of whining.)  Oh.... Porter.....

However, he was so proud of himself for being able to ride with 2 wheels!  He didn't get a whole lot of practice on Monday, and he was at my mom's all day Tuesday so hopefully today (Wednesday) he will get to practice some more.

Of course, the first thing he asks Ryan after showing him his new skills.... "Can I get a dirt bike now?"

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