Friday, July 30, 2010

2nd Annual Mother of All Playdates

Last spring I hosted a huge playdate that turned out fabulous.  I hope to continue the "tradition" of gathering many many mom friends and their kiddos and spending a few hours playing and chatting.

This year we didn't have as huge of a turn out.... well, actually... we had the same amount of kids but fewer moms!  These children have multiplied!!

Last year:  9 moms and 14 kids.
This year:  6 moms and 14 kids

Of course we took a typical group photo and got this one on the first try!

Back Row:  Me, Jessica, Brady, LeeAnn, Nicki, Luke, Katie, Adrian, Jane
Front Row: Donnie, Lukas, Lucas, Porter, Holly, Jillian, Ally, Lyla, Grace, Hudson, Nolan

Today turned out to be wonderful for a playdate.  It was about 80* and low humidity.  The older kids pretty much entertained themselves "hunting for dinosaurs and hippos and moose", playing in the sandbox and playing a game of Hockey-Golf-Lacrosse-Baseball.... HAHA!

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