Thursday, July 15, 2010

Am I nuts?

Alright.... I KNOW I *just* finished slaving over two handmade quilts for Hudson's room.... they're darling.  They're stitched with love.  They're my works of art.
But..... I still have yet to do anything with his room that he or I love.  He still has his baby artwork on the wall and I have yet to come up with a "theme" that really goes with anything he is interested in.


I know... that sounds stupid.  But... I want his bedroom to reflect him.  My first thoughts were either a nautical theme or a solar system theme.  Both would work with the lime, navy and blues.  However... he doesn't care about either of those things.  At all.

What he really cares about.... is Fire Trucks.  He loves ALL kinds of trucks but he seems particularly drawn to fire trucks.  He loves Red from Disney's cars.  He always picks out Fire Truck books and Fire Truck toys.  We have a zillion Fire Trucks around here and he loves to play with them.

And... I love this room from Pottery Barn.

Fire Truck Triptych Art, Set of 3
I could easily paint the Fire Truck Canvas. It'd look perfect above his long dresser.  And the red window treatments... Target.   He has a dark wood bed, a chocolate brown rug and the walls... I could do the same thing we did in our dining room, paint the panels/trim a warm white.... paint the top a dark brown and get him some new bedding.    I know... I know..... ridiculous to redo his bedroom when he had two perfectly good, handmade by mama quilts.  I'd still keep them.  We can never have enough quilts (and I even contemplated selling one on Etsy because I don't really need two identical quilts.... anyone interested?).

What do you think.... am I flippin nuts?


  1. I LOVE the firetruck theme!!! I don't think you are crazy...I am the same way!:)

  2. Love, love, love the firetruck room!

  3. Ummmm, well, you're the one who said "nuts/crazy"!! ;) You know you do have a condition though... it's called ADHD, I'm sure you'd be diagnosed with it if you went to the Dr.'s, my MIL has it too, she's always painting a room in her house! LOL!!

    Good luck with that, I'm sure it'll turn out great! :P

  4. I love it! Can't wait to see when it's finished! It'll look awesome!

  5. Not nuts at all! go for it! and i would totally sell one of the quilts on etsy!!! :) good thinking!

  6. Not nuts at all!!
    I love the firetruck theme & you are so crafty & talented that you would have no problem pullinh it off!

  7. Totally not crazy! As women we were born to be fickle, right? I always tease my hubby, it's better that I constantly change home deco rather than spouses!

  8. I don't think you're nuts at all.

    I think the way your room looks plays a huge part in how you feel. I have loved pulling together our house. Each room has come together quite nicely (if I do say so myself). But our bedroom... I haven't been happy with our bedroom since we got married. I do like the bedding (8 years later)... but nothing I did worked. I couldn't justify tossing everything and starting over (that was expensive Calvin Klein bedding!!!) But the walls are, eh. Windows, ick. It effects how you feel.

    Now that I've babbled... totally sell the quilt on etsy! Just think... the money you make could finance the whole room redecoration!!!