Monday, July 26, 2010

Busy busy busy week

I think the fact that there is just a few more weeks of summer is freaking me out. I STILL can't believe summer is almost over. Didn't it just start?

This week we are packed to the hilt with activities.

Monday: Timbertown with Bethany and kids; then class with Ry in the evening

Tuesday: Doctors appt for me; then Nixon Pool; take Porter ice skating; then nap; then horseback riding and finally dinner with Jen and Nathan at the Leslie Playground.

Wednesday: Turtle Cove with Lori and Shae; Zumba in the evening and then scrapbooking after that.

Thursday: Giant playdate at my house and.... I think that's it.  No, wait... Zumba in the evening.

Friday: REST! I may switch horseback riding to Friday but not sure. Otherwise, we are renting a movie and vegging out at home!

Next weekend I'm kind of hoping (crossing fingers!!) to do the slate floor in the kitchen. I purchased all the slate last week so its ready!

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  1. where and what is timbertown and turtle cove? they sound like fun.