Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can't take the heat....

The heat is making me lose my mind... moreso than my kids today!  Its been 90* without a break in sight for the week.  I am NOT a fan of the heat and/or humidity... anything above 80* and I'm hunkering inside with the ac.  I don't like to feel sweaty and hot and gross.

This morning the boys and I got up, threw some clothes on and were out the door by 9am to go to Lansing Menards to pick up more tile for the backsplash.  We were home around 11am and I let the boys play outside for a bit.  I was sitting underneath the gazebo (purchased at Target for 50% off!) in the only bit of shade in our back yard and decided I needed to put up our white-trash pool.  I was contemplating not putting it up at all this year for the fact that Porter helps himself to going outside whenever he pleases anymore... its a losing battle.  But today, sitting outside sweating just sitting there, I decided I'd set that damn pool up myself.

Of course its almost lunch time and then naptime.  And its the middle of the day and its hotter than haities out. First I can't figure out Ryan's air compressor.  Called him twice and finally figured it out.  Then it wouldn't work. Then the boys kept getting in my way and getting in the house and bugging me and I was flipping out because I was SO God awful hot and sweaty and gross feeling.

I finally just left the entire half done mess out in the back yard and took the boys inside for lunch.  I apologized for yelling at them and explained that I'm grumpy because its so hot out and I don't like to be hot and sweaty.  I feel bad for being such a crab but oh my word I can't take it.

The boys are in bed, I've cooled down in the a/c and I'm planning on lounging this afternoon and watching some Season 3 Grey's Anatomy (I'm on disc 5 of 6).

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