Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Face-Cation Fail!

I'm officially an addict.  I cheated on my Face-Cation by Sunday night.   I wasn't the only one, though... LeeAnn failed within 24 hours I think (but... she works 3rd shift so Facebook is all she has to keep her entertained LOL!).  And at Supper Club on Sunday I found out that Katie had also cheated.... Nicki was the only one holding strong... even though she had been on FB to reply to some emails.

Sidenote... another amazing Supper Club.  The McIntosh's joined us this month and we had a blast.  We had a drink or two, sat and chatted, loved on those twinnie twin girls, and then did what all sophisticated adults do when they have dinner sans kids... we rode the Kiddie Roller Coaster!  We had so much fun and were cracking up so hard.  I always say this... I love my friends.

So, I got home Sunday night from Supper Club and decided I needed to check the video LeeAnn was posting on FB of our roller coaster attempts.  Here it is for your enjoyment...

I suppose you could say I'm officially back from my FaceCation but I'm revamping how I use Facebook.  I'm deleting people I wouldn't necessarily talk to "in real life".  I'm blocking people I don't care to read their statuses.  I'm hoping that will diffuse the obsession, block out drama and stupid crap I don't need or care to read about.


  1. First of all, I hear you on the FB thing. I hid lots of people a few months ago and it has helped a ton & I deleted those that never posted, commented, etc, because really what is the point of being their friend if they never correspond with you?

    Second of all, what a fun group of friends! That video was hysterical!

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  3. staying away from FB is hard! I couldn't even do it on our vacation! I ponied up and paid for internet access at the condo just to get my fix!