Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is 11:30 and both boys are in bed for naps already. We have spent the morning playing and making tents in the living room to watch movies under and yet still they fight. Oddly, Hudson has been the instigator today and Porter just doesn't have the ability to shrug off his pestering so he digs in and pesters back. Great fun morning so far. Did I mention Ryan is working overtime today?

Tonight I'm going to Rum Runners with some girlfriends. It was supposed to be a huge group of guys and girls but this weekend hasn't panned out well for people being available. So, I think last I heard it is me, LeeAnn, Jessica and Jane (how awesome is it that Jane is making some time for herself with not quite 4 week old twins at home!? Go Jane!). I'm so excited to have a night out and get away from the kids, the house projects and just destress!

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