Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My mother taught me....

I remember my mom ALWAYS telling us to make our bed... or complaining that we didn't make our bed etc.  I could never figure out why she cared.... my bedroom was always either on the 2nd floor or in the basement so it wasn't like anyone ever saw my room. 

I guess if there's one thing I got from my mom (aside from this wicked temper LOL!), its this weird obsessiveness about making beds.   I don't think I was so bad about it before we had kids.... actually, I know I wasn't.  I don't think Ryan and I ever made our bed, but besides us, who else was going to go into our bedroom?   

But... now that Porter and Hudson are here I have this obsessiveness with making the beds in our house.  Hudson doesn't sleep with a sheet or blanket (his quilt is folded at the end of the bed... he says sheets are yucky!), so his bed is easy.  And I find myself making our bed and helping Porter make his every morning.  Even if I'm running late.  Even if I have a million other things to do. 

I was thinking about it today as I was running late getting to Jane's house... I was making the beds.  I was trying to figure out why I even cared.... but I think it is a little bit of a control issue.  Sort of the way anorexics or bulimics can't control other things in their life so they control their food.  Well, I can't keep the kid clutter under control but I can make sure those beds look nice!  HAHA!  The rest of my house is usually littered with toys or clothes or random clutter, and a nicely made up bed can make a room look so much better even if there are a million toys on the floor around it.  I'm not sure if this even makes sense, but I guess in a way it does to me because I keep making those beds!  

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  1. I noticed the bed was made when you took me upstairs the other day and I was impressed!! :)