Sunday, August 15, 2010

Combine enters transformation

This morning I took picture of Combine, our largest caterpillar, who had made his way to the top of our cage and had attached himself with silk and was hanging in "J" formation.  I knew he'd soon for his chrysalis.

Just a few minutes ago I went upstairs and when I walked by the cage, I found Combine looking like this:

We have about 15 other caterpillars munching milkweed.  This is our next biggest caterpillar... Mater.  I'm sure he'll transform soon!

And the other day I found some eggs on some milkweed and within a couple days we had 3 teeny tiny caterpillar babies.


  1. so cool! where did you get these little guys? and what lens did you use to shoot them? i would love to get the boys their own next year. :)

  2. this is so cool!!! its fun watching them grow!!!! :)

  3. I am either blind or I don't know what milkweed looks like, because I can't find any!! Do you think you could hook me up?