Thursday, August 12, 2010


I started with this:

And our living room began looking like this:

Add a can of black paint, an orbital sander, polyurethane, new hardware and a few hours time.... and you end up with this beauty:

I am addicted to distressing. 

Soooooo pretty.....!  

Thank you, Tiffany Ruda, for the inspiration!!


  1. i LOVE it... TOTALLY going to do this. soon i hope. i may be emailing you for help. :)

  2. Nice!
    I cannot wait to get my hands on some old furniture once I get into this house!! Love it!

  3. OH I LOVE IT!! I have been searching craiglist for a dresser just like yours and tiffany's too. Did you send her your link as well? I bet you are just in love with it. :)

  4. Love it!! New career move? You could turn around and make a few cents off furniture like that!
    Great job!

  5. Gorgeous! I LOVE IT! That black looks stunning and so awesome in your family room!

  6. you're incredible. The idea of taking on this kind of project just intimidates the hell out of me!

  7. That is so awesome! Very impressed with your talents..... it totally looks straight out of Pottery Barn!

  8. That looks amazing!! I LOVE distressed black furniture! :) Wonderful job!

  9. It looks amazing! I think I need a new TV stand now :). I am searching for an old dresser now....can I ask what size yours is? In my mind a dresser would be such a big piece in a living room, but yours looks just perfect with your TV.

    Any furniture painting tips for us beginners? :)