Monday, August 23, 2010

Vacationing Advice...

Like I said before, September is going to be chock full of weekend vacations.   I'm excited about the exploration part, but not so much the part where I work during the week, pack up and leave town, come home, work, pack up and leave town.... Bleh.  Oh well... you only live once, right?  And I need to expand my travel destinations, right??

Trip #1 we will be camping near Ludington, MI.  We've been here before so its sort of old news.  But... I'd love to hear of any "Must Do/Must See" locations that might be off the beaten trail.  Ok, who am I kidding... we already ARE going to be off the beaten trail.  We're staying at a campground in the middle of the flippin' Manistee National Forest and as of last years' trip we didn't get cell phone service.

Trip #2 we are visiting the Morrisons in Nashville. They are new to the area, but I'm pretty sure with Heather's diligent internet skills she's already found a boatload of neat things around the area.  Anyone have any "Must Do/Must See" things that the Barczaks should do since its not everyday we're in Nashville?

Trip #3 I am visiting my mom in Virginia (near Alexandria/D.C).  She works there every other week, so we're going to sneak in a little Mom/Daughter weekend and do some sight seeing sans kids!  I'm super excited about this but would love to know what things we should cram into the weekend.

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