Thursday, September 16, 2010

Intro to Preschool

Porter  had a "Group Meeting" at school today to meet his teacher, some classmates and basically do an hour of "classroom introduction" stuff.  I Love Love Love his teacher.  This is going to be one awesome year for him, I am sure of it.  She is amazing and just the PERFECT preschool teacher.  I want to bottle up her enthusiasm and sweetness!

Typical of Porter, he was very apprehensive once we walked into class.  Maybe I made too much of a fuss about school and how wonderful his teacher will be and how excited I was about him going to school.  We walked in and he refused to put his name tag pin on.  Arms crossed, pouting, the whole nine yards.

Mrs. Slat then gathered us for carpet time.  We sang a couple Dr. Jean Songs and she did a cute little guessing game/mini lesson.  She is just ridiculously enthusiastic and great with the kids.  She completely sets the mood for an awesome, positive learning environment.  Then we did hand/foot paintings, a little "About Me" paper (where Porter refused to draw a picture of his face and write his name) and then did a story on the carpet and then had snack!

By the end of the hour we were there, Porter had relaxed and I could tell was starting to feel more comfortable.  I have a feeling, though, that the first week or two of school is going to be rough.  I look forward to seeing him learn new things and meet new friends and blossom in this class!

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