Thursday, September 16, 2010

Real Quick Like

We've gotten back into the groove of having 2 working parents and things seem less stressful around here.  Not less stressful on the "things to do" front... but as far as parent/child interaction.  On the first day of school, I found out that I'm actually still full days.... I'm the only Lit Coach at the time that is working in the afternoon, so I feel pretty privileged.  It was a slight let down, as I'd become accustomed to being "At Home Mommy" in the afternoons, but not having to worry about income will be so nice.  I've already talked to Porter's teacher (whom I llloooove with puffy hearts!!) and told her I'd love to switch around my work week... work a Friday and take a different day off to come into the class to help out.  She said absolutely!  Yay!  

The boys are doing excellent with their babysitter.  At the last minute, I was contacted by Maria (the daughter of the teacher I work with) that she'd babysit.  The boys gave her a hard time for the first few days, but they're doing great with her now and they love her.  She brings her boyfriend along as well and he's great with the kids.  All night they talk about Maria and Victor and all the fun things they do all day.  Unfortunately, this sitter situation is short term and she won't be able to watch the boys past the 24th.  I'm bummed because they really like M and V.  Luckily, LeeAnn offered (well... I took her up on a previous offer....) to fill in temporarily until Marleen is off maternity leave.  And at that point.... Porter's care is still up in the air as is Hudson the other two days a week (although he can go to Marleen 4 days a week if I need him to).  WHEW.  Childcare SUCKS.  That, and getting out of the house in the morning while getting yourself, a 2-year old and a 4-year old ready, are the suckiest parts of being a working mom.  

Tomorrow I'm taking some time in the middle of the day off and taking Porter to his Group Visit at pre-school.  I'm so excited to meet his teacher in person (we've talked on the phone a few times).  Porter was dead set against going to school but as of recently, with all the talking up I've done of Mrs. Slat, I think he's warmed up to the idea.  I told him that Katie knows Mrs. Slat and said that he will Looooove her and that she's the BEST teacher ever.  I think that's what sold him.  Someone other than MOM is saying she'll be nice.  

Why the hell am I using so many smiley faces in my typing??? That is so annoying to me.  I can't stand it when people smiley face alllll the time and here I am smiley facing!  UGh. 

On the shoe situation.... Porter decided he wanted GREEN Converse.  GREEN.  Oh boy.  That's all he talks about when we look at shoes.  So, tonight I bit the bullet and ordered him GREEN Chucks.  Did you know they're ridiculous to find in GREEN in particular sizes?  I had to order them off eBay as even the Converse website didn't have them.  I can't wait to see his face when they arrive. 
  As far as tennis/active shoes... I think I'm going to go with some kind of skater-ish tennis shoe.  I so don't see Porter wearing Nike's or running/basketball type shoes.  I know it sounds stereotypical already, but I just don't see him the jock-sporty nut type.  I see him skateboarding and riding his bike off ramps and riding dirt bikes and 4-wheelers.  And those are all things he's totally into.  It'll be so interesting to see his style and personality and likes and taste in clothing evolve throughout his school years.

Have  you watched the show 'Flipping Out'?  Oh my word.... hilarious.  My mom is addicted to it now and I am trying to find Seasons 1, 2 and 3 on DVD for cheap because I have GOT to get all the details!  This show is so flipping funny... I Looooove Zoila the housekeeper.  

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