Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shoes shoes shoes

Porter needs a new pair of tennis shoes for the fall/winter.... currently he has an ugly pair of black/red/white ones from Target (aka... his play shoes) and a pair of "flame" Converse from Target (trend, here... Target??).

Now, he's 4.5  He honestly doesn't CARE what kind of shoes he has... although he loves his Converse and the color green, but he hasn't really ever had a say in buying shoes.

And given the fact that he does love those ugly black/red/white shoes, I'm not sure he's going to get a say right now, either HAHAH!

I am overwhelmed at the options for boys tennis shoes.  Athletic basketbally shoes, skater shoes, retro shoes, rugged mountain type shoes, soccer shoes... etc etc etc.  How do you CHOOSE?

So, I went to and picked out some of my fav's from these "categories".... can you help me choose? If you had a 4.5 year old (or if you do) how would/do you choose tennis shoes for them?  By your style (ahem... I am sooo not a shoe shopper... and as far as tennis shoes go I have running shoes.  That's it) or by their choice or by what is "in" for kids shoes?

Samba® Classic Core (Toddler/Youth) by adidas Kids at
Net SE (Toddler/Youth) by DC Kids at
572 (Toddler/Youth) by New Balance Kids at
Okay... Converse.... low top? hi top?  laces? slip on?


  1. Wait a minute! You are actually gonna buy "name brand" tennis shoes for your boys!!?? Are they more than $20? Are you feeling ok?? LOL!!

    ** What I do w/ the boys....Buy 2, 1 running shoe style for "sporty" looks, 1 "rugged" pair for jeans**

  2. We have gotten New Balance for Ally for years and they are wonderful......... highly recommend, but get him fitted...... happy shoe hunting!

  3. Payless has great deals & BOGO. Kids tear up & grow out of shoes too fast to spend serious money on them. If they want name brands & you're sure about the right size, eBay's another option.

  4. Check these out from LL Bean... They are super cute with jeans and pull on easy and very well made.

  5. My preference for myself would be NB, so if I were buying name brand for the kids it would be NB also. I find too, that the kids would shove their feet in & out of the pre-laced slip ons so fast that they would break down easily, so I prefer the lace up shoes.

  6. I LOVE the first pair you have posted but we have totally had awesome luck with Adidas. They are made SO WELL and are so sturdy. We got all my boys these and they hold up to even the roughest play. They have a pair of converse also which I love, but they seem to get hurt in those more because they aren't as solid. In my opinion, you get what you pay for at this age.

  7. Love the adidas ones! We ended up getting a velcro adidas, because it would just be easier right now for all day use until he learns to tie his shoes. Ive always loved the adidas casual style, and owned 3 myself in highschool!