Monday, September 6, 2010

Voice of Reason

You have to love the world wide web.  Jane, my Voice of Reason, long ago dubbed me the Internet Queen... or something like that.  Want to find something online?  Ask Nicole!  I'm an expert at finding things online.

I'm so tempted sometimes to blog about things that I know end up being so passive aggressive.  I don't like to be passive aggressive.  I honestly like to just spit it all out, say it like it is.  But, as much as I'd like, I am trying to replay a conversation I had with Jane not long ago... she is such my Voice of Reason when I want to be immature and passive aggressive.  I need to be the bigger person.  I AM the bigger person.   I don't need to call anyone out on their digs toward me, funny as it may seem.  I AM the bigger person.   And maybe, if I just keep telling myself that, I will wash away the urge to push back, to get in the last word, to call out someone's bluff.

1 comment:

  1. Good Luck! I know that is something that I struggle with myself. I am always trying to get the last word in with Tony and trying to prove him wrong when I know he is wrong and he won't acknowledge it. Oh that irks me!! Its a good thing we have such a fine friend like Jane (And boy is she FIIINNE!! LOL! ;) to help us with these issues, and help balance us out. :)