Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lock Down

This is the second time in the past 3 months I've composed this very post.  But I've decided that for the safety and privacy of my family I'm going to finally take the leap.  I'm going to batten down the hatches and privatize the old blog.

There are a number of reasons.  The most recent being a friend of mine who received vulgar, threatening comments regarding her sweet little girl.  She has had to take action and involve the police to try to press charges against this sick individual.  Her story made my stomach turn.   I'm a VERY open person, and I share a lot of myself on this blog.  If you've been a reader you've read my story through the good and the bad, the struggles, the achievements, the sorrow and joy, the confusion and anger and frustration and bliss and happiness.  Its all here.  I don't sugar coat anything and I don't create a false image of someone who has this perfect life.

With that being said, this blog is here for one reason and one reason only.  To document my life.  To serve as a journal of some sorts for my family and for record keeping and remembering our struggles and our celebrations.  I'm not the type of person to change who I am because of the actions of others.  This is my blog and I want to continue being me, continue being open and honest and raw on here... without being judged or criticized or stalked.  I want to share my children's pictures without worry that some pervert is staring at them.

I've contemplated switching to Typepad because then I can put a password on a Typepad blog.  But then I also think that doesn't allow me to control who shares the password with anyone else.  These days, I  fully believe you can never tell who you can trust.  On Blogger I will have to individually add permitted emails to read my blog.  I know to many of you this will be a hassle and you probably won't read anymore.  That's fine.  Like I said before, this blog is here for me. Do I love receiving feedback from absolute strangers who can empathize with me in times where I feel so alone?  I sure as heck do.  But I can't trade my families privacy for that.

The one thing I will ask is that if you don't know me personally that you have a blog you can share with me.  I want to know you're a real person and not some crazy.  Again, this may weed out many more people but like I said before, that's fine.

So.... I'm going to lock this place down early next week.  Shoot me an email (nic073  a *t   yahoo) if you wish to continue reading.... Please put "Blog Permission" in the subject line and as I said before, if you're a "stranger danger"  (haha!) please include your blog link (or, even facebook link) with your email.  If I'm sharing my life with you, you'll need to reciprocate.

Thanks, all!


  1. I have been through this myself, many times. I would like to keep reading (going on 6 years!), please add me to the list

  2. Been considering the same for a long, long time..... this post may have helped me to make my decision! Let me know how it goes and how it works.

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