Friday, October 29, 2010

On 2 Wheels

Big news in the Barczak household...... Porter is riding a 2-wheeler!  I feel kind of like an ass because apparently he's been riding without training wheels for a few days.  Oops!

Last weekend Porter got a bug up his butt and decided to take his training wheels off.  By himself.  Not kidding... he rummaged through Ryan's tools and found the correct size circle wrench thingy (bear with me... I'm not a tool girl) and was cranking those bolts off!  Since that day I hadn't seen him riding his bike and he asked a few times for me to put the training wheels back on.  I didn't have time at the time he asked, so obviously it didn't get done.

Tuesday as I left to get my hair cut and highlighted, Ryan was taking him out into the driveway to try out 2-wheels.  I got home late so I wasn't filled in on how he did.

Well, today I got home from Ann Arbor (had to visit the Genius Bar for my iPhone 3 AGAIN!  UGH) and I noticed Porter's bike was in the driveway.  I asked if he practiced riding it with Grandma and he said "Yeah!  I ride on 2 wheels now, Mom!"  So of course I had go go out and check him out.  He's a pro already!  Riding fast and standing up on the pedals and turning sharply.  I'm amazed.