Thursday, October 14, 2010

This evening brought to you by

Digorno, Rum and Coke and Edy's mint chocolate chip.

The boys are still under the weather and I stayed home AGAIN today. It seems like it's been one thing after another.... Whining, fighting, nonsense tantrums, dog poop in the bedroom, q-tips in the toilet yadda yadda yadda.

I took Porter to the doctor because i was worried the couth could turn into something worse over the weekend. Since he had RSV when he was 2, respiratory infections tend to give him more chest problems. Dr Van Wagnen did hear wheezing in his hest and thinks it probably started out as croup and may be on its way to something worse. She gave him a prescription for a steroid and more albuterol to do breathing treatments every 4 hours.

Since they are sick we are kind of stuck in the house. We can't go do anything FUN. We did take a trip to Target to get prescriptions and a few groceries to last us the next day or two. We are In serious need of a grocery trip but the boys have been so incredibly cranky and any mention of doing anything remotely "boring" brings on a meltdown.

So, here we sit watching Marmaduke, eating pizza and ice cream and sipping some rum and coke. Bedtime soon!!

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  1. I'm still praying my boys don't get croup after there bear hunting expeditions together on Sat.!!! eeeeek! :/