Friday, October 1, 2010

This working gig...

This week has been such a week from hell.

I should mention... I am working my normal schedule this year.  I went in the first day of work and found out that I'm the only lit coach that was kept on for a full day.  So, good for the paycheck, but it was a slight disappointment since I'd just convinced myself that half days were going to be great.

The boys have never been super early risers... 7:30/8ish was the normal.  This summer they were usually up by 7:30,  but for some reason since school started they're up at 6am.  6 FREAKING A.M.!

So, while I'm just waking to get in the shower to start my day, they're at my heels whining for this and that and squabbling with eachother.  Last year I'd get up and get ready (most of the way) and then they'd wake up and I'd have a little time to spend with them and get them ready.  Not this year.  I feel like every morning is a whirlwind of fielding arguments, getting breakfast, cleaning up, dressing kids and myself, changing diapers, etc etc.   Their daycare arrangements changed this week and I'm now taking them to LeeAnn rather than Maria coming to me in the morning.  So that adds a whole new level of preparation to the morning.

I kid you not, every morning this week I've been THISCLOSE to calling work and quitting. Not that I don't love my job... because I do.  But I can't take the stress of getting ready in the morning.  Monday... I was an hour late.  AN HOUR LATE.  Tuesday, I got in the shower at 6am and at 7:15 I was still in my robe with half wet hair and half done makeup.  I firmly hate tv's in kids' rooms but I actually contemplated this week putting tv's in their rooms so they'd stay there until I was ready for work.

Today I took the day off... it was much needed.  And it was actually such a nice change from the summer schedule.  I could SOOOo get used to this stay at home mom thing.  Get up... run a few errands... stop at the park and have lunch... drop Porter off at school... head home so Hudson could nap... 2 hours of ME time.... clean house etc etc.... pick Porter up at school.  How incredibly nice!  I could have a fabulously clean house, and edited pictures and all sorts of things done!

But, alas... that won't ever be my life.  Bummer.  For now I guess I keep plugging away at ways to get out of the house in the morning without losing my mind.  My last option is to just head to work in my pj's.... unshowered and unfed.  Probably the best option at this point.

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