Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Private Post: If life were only this simple...


  1. Wow.
    Way to put things in perspective Porter!
    Good for you Nicole, talking it out with him and apoligizing for speaking about the situation the way you did. What a great opportunity to teach him that even though you were/are [VERY] upset, it just isn't That Big OF A Deal in the scheme of life.
    What a great reminder that there are lots of things that are more important to focus on. Better things. And that little ones watch to see our focus.
    Umm... does that make anyone else squirm the way it does me??

    And good for Porter for wanting to find a way to help mommy let go and be done with it!
    Pretty cool :)

  2. What a sweet little boy you have! :)

  3. Porter is such a smart, intellegent, caring child, Nicole. He saw that you were hurting & bothered about all of this. You need to let it go for their sake too. I am proud of him---maybe you can let it go now. There will be so many people that come & go in your life throughout the years-- good & bad. Don't let other people bring your joy & happiness down!!!!!! I love you!!