Monday, November 15, 2010

Supper Club Sunday

[[Today I am thankful for Supper Club, where the food is good, the conversation is knee-slapping and the friends are priceless.]]

Tonight (or, should I say last night... since I'm posting this on earrrrly Monday morning) we had our "1st Anniversary" of Supper Club.  One year ago we began this tradition, coincidentally at the Huff's house as well and coincidentally with the remaining 4 couples (The Collins dropped out a couple months ago because Sundays were too busy for them).  

We started dinner and Katie runs down the list of beverages she has.  I mention that maybe I'll have a rum and coke and she says to me "Yeah, you need one.  I was with you yesterday."  HAHAHA!  We all just cracked up... I had a rough day yesterday and was in a rotten mood.  Katie could tell right away... said to me at the Dahlem Center, out of the blue as we're watching the kids search for frogs in the pond... "I should have brought you a Xanax."  Gosh I love her!

As always, our conversations and wisecracks keep us laughing all throughout dinner.  It is so relieving to a) not have to make dinner one Sunday a month every 4 months and b) have one Sunday a month where it is ADULTS ONLY.   I am truly and honest to God thankful for these much-needed evenings where things can be said that we know won't be repeated, jokes can be made and we won't be offended and we can pick on eachother and not take it personally.  

I was bummed that none of us took a picture to commemorate our 1st year "anniversary".  Next month!