Friday, December 17, 2010

Its like a time bomb waiting to go off...

This house... OH MY WORD... I can't believe the sickness that has gone through this house since school started this fall.  The boys have been sick with something or another at least every other week.  Strep... croup... puking... croup again... puking... puking.... PUUUKKIIIING.  The only thing that I can think of that has contributed to them being sicker than normal this year is that Porter is in preschool at an actual school, not just a tiny church-preschool setting.  I have no clue.

Porter was sick ohh... 2 weeks ago?  Fever, lethargic and threw up once.  Well, fast forward a week and a half and Sunday Hudson pukes. And then Ryan pukes.  All day Monday he and Ryan are down for the count.  I made sure I washed my hands a lot and tried to Clorox wipe everything down.   I thought....THOUGHT... that Porter and I escaped unscathed.  WRONG.  Last night Porter blew chunks... literally.  And he was up every half hour with it coming out both ends.  Poor poor kid.  All day today he was miserable.  He kept saying "I'm never going to feel better!"  This evening Ryan puked AGAIN!  WTF?!  Porter is feeling quite a bit better as compared to this morning, so I'm sure with a good nights rest he'll be back to good tomorrow.  

I'm just waiting for my turn... just waiting for the land mine to blow.  I'm sure I'll end up sick on Christmas Day... just my luck.

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