Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Happy Things

  • My momma is here visiting for 10 days.  'Nuff said.  When I picked Porter up from preschool he must have said 10 times "I'm so excited to see Grammie!"  (which is a "new name" he's given her)
  • I got home to find my grandma (aka Oma to the boys) had helped the boys decorate gingerbread men, make me cards and had gotten me ornaments from them.   I love her so much.
  • Porter... my rough and tumble boy... is such the ladies man at preschool.  So strange to me, yet so cute.  I ask him everyday who he played with that day and everyday its the same... "Cadence and Heaven."   The other day Heaven made him a Christmas card and I said "Is Heaven your girlfriend?"  He says "Yeah, but I'm going to marry Cadence."   HAHA!
  • Only one more week of school and then 2 weeks off!  Trying to plan a trip to see the Morrisons.  Ryan's on call for New Years so I'm not sure that's going to pan out, but I'm hoping to get down there in Jan.  I miss them and I am anxious to see the kids together!  They haven't seen each other since Hudson was a newborn, Porter and Sawyer were 2.5 and Savannah was... 5?
It's my Birthday Eve (how in the world am I turning 29 tomorrow??) and I'm listening to Coldplay, drinking some Diet Dr. Pepper and cleaning my office/organizing scrapbook stuff.  Peace and quiet!  Not worrying about my Master's class, client pictures, work, Christmas shopping or laundry.  

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  1. This is so funny because I spent the day organizing and cleaning MY craft room (otherwise known as the dining room). It's still been the catchall from moving with boxes lining the walls and paper, fabric, MOUNDS of all kinds of craft stuff piled on the table since we moved in! Must be the thing to do on a birthday eve! The dining room is perfectly clean now and feels sooo nice! Trying to talk Ryan into painting now this weekend!
    Anyway, sounds like the start of a great weekend!
    Enjoy your day!!
    We'll chat soon...